Mossley Mark 1381- Meeting Notice

At the recent meeting of Mossley Mark Lodge no. 1381, held on 11th November 2019, it was agreed that the next meeting on Monday 13th January 2020 will commence at 11:00 am followed by lunch. At this meeting, we will consider holding all future meetings of Mossley Mark Lodge 1381 at 11:00 am.

We already have 4 brethren likely to join.

Kind regards,

John Pearson


Flooding 2019 – To all Mark Lodge Secretaries and Almoners

RE: Flooding – November 2019
You will no doubt have watched the effects of the recent bad weather and the associated floods on the television news and were shocked by the levels of destruction to property, danger to individuals, and the ensuing distress many have suffered because of it. This is the fourth time this has happened in the last few years, although to different more “Flooding 2019 – To all Mark Lodge Secretaries and Almoners”

Priory Mark 693 Celebrate Centenary

The Petition to Grand Lodge was presented in June 1919 and was assented to. It was signed by 14 Brethren, including W.Bro F.W. Broadbent (later to become the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of West Lancashire and 7 brethren advanced into Scarlett Mark Lodge. The Consecration Meeting was held on Monday 15th September 1919 in the Assembly Rooms Whalley. There was a total of 73 Brethren present, including 28 from Scarlett Mark Lodge.


more “Priory Mark 693 Celebrate Centenary”

Adoniram 1065 – Double Advancement

You just knew things were all going to plan when the Senior Deacon pulled the drawer front off the ballot box. It wasn’t done intentionally but I think one of the balls got wedged in the box. Anyway, it was a double advancement ceremony for Adoniram Mark Lodge and nothing as simple as a broken ballot box was getting in the way.

Attending the meeting was more “Adoniram 1065 – Double Advancement”

Semper Paratus 852 – Always ready to advance more candidates

Recently my Mark Lodge Semper Paratus No. 852 (I am Secretary) – Advanced its 4th Candidate in 4 meetings. Craig Pattison a local award-winning Butcher joined us. The ceremony was brilliantly delivered and those who took part and attended had a great night. The usual contingent of visitors from Durham turned up and helped out with the ceremony. Craig thoroughly enjoyed himself and two of our newest members, Bro. Brad Savidge the Senior Deacon and more “Semper Paratus 852 – Always ready to advance more candidates”