Mossley Mark 1381 are back and hold their installation in style

On Monday the 20 September at Westholme lodge rooms. Mossley Mark lodge 1381 held their installation meeting. Present were VWBro John Hartley Smith Deputy PGM in the chair along with Wes Marchant Prov DC and 14 other brethren. The lodge opened at 11-30 am with a few visitors standing in office. The WM WBro P M Holt then proceeded to install WBro D J Rushworth into more “Mossley Mark 1381 are back and hold their installation in style”

Back at last for Roberts TI

Thursday the 12 August saw the first meeting of Roberts TI 24 lodge of Mark Master Masons. It was their first meeting in almost 18 months. An installation of the new Worshipful Master. by the current WM WBro Edward Aston who performed an exemplary ceremony to install WM WBro George Harry Scaife into the chair of Adoniram.

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Different meeting for Pendle Mark

The 11th of August 2021, Pendle Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 695 was one of the first Mark Lodges to reopen their doors. Pendle Lodge in Padiham held their first meeting in over 18 months. With 16 brethren in attendance. Sadly due to a bereavement in the WM family, the lodge was unable to carry out the installation.

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