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The website has information about all the orders administered from Mark Masons Hall, the activities of the Mark Benevolent Fund and the latest news and events.

MBF National Blood Bike Handover Day

On Friday 17th August 2018 (Blood Bikes Awareness Day),  APGM, Gerry Young and his wife Annette were at the National Motorcycle Museum,Birmingham representing the Province when the Mark Benevolent Fund National Blood Bikes Dedication and Handover took place.

Also in attendance were representatives of 41 other Mark Provinces and 26 Teams of Blood Bikers, with MBF sponsored, specially equipped Bikes and Cars from member clubs of the National Association of Blood Bikes across England and Wales.

Brethren from East Lancashire Mark Province will no doubt remember the MBF Charity Walk in May 2017 more “MBF National Blood Bike Handover Day”

Afternoon Tea Sold Out

The Social event of the Month, Afternoon Tea at Manchester Golf Club with Carol and Howard is sold out, you may be able to get into one at Buckingham Palace but Sunday 3rd June 2018 is full.






St John Ambulance Handover

The Mark Benevolent Fund are Supporting ST Johns Ambulance and in partnership with the charity have pledged £3,023,700 for a two year programme to provide up to 52 replacement state of the art ambulances and support vehicles. The first of these Ambulances was to be donated to East Lancashire, and on the 17th July, the PGM, RW Bro Alex Mclaren and his wife, Leslie, attended the Presentation and Dedication of the vehicle in London.

The vehicle had to be fitted out with all the lockers and equipment before it could be used and on the 4th April the PGM formally handed the keys to David Styles of the St John Ambulance.

The Provincial Grand Master hands over the keys to David Styles

The Ceremony took place at the Northern Headquarters, St John House, Stockport, more “St John Ambulance Handover”

More Visits to London for the Provincial Grand Master

Following his appointment as a Trustee of the Mark Benevolent Fund last month the Provincial Grand Master received an Invitation to join the Worthy Causes Committee, that is the one that deals with the Applications from External Charities.
He has accepted the Invitation and will be hard at work on our behalf travelling down to London at future Meetings of the MBF and the Worthy Causes Committee.