Priory Mark 693 – Banner Dedication – Weds 5th December

“Did you know, our 3 year old Grandson Max can demolish a Hollands meat and potato pie in no time at all?” I remarked to the Provincial Grand Swordbearer. “Really?” he replied disinterestedly, as we sat in the traffic jam outside Hollands Pies Factory in Baxenden. In the 20 minutes it took us to drive through Baxenden, I continued to regale WBro Dredge with little anecdotes about Hollands Pies in my ongoing attempt to educate him (a Southerner) about such Northern delicacies.

Our journey had started in Oldham at 3.30 pm – plenty of time, or so we thought, for the hours drive to Clitheroe to attend Priory Mark 693 Lodges Banner Dedication (a ceremony I was quite looking forward to having never seen one before in all my 21 years of Freemasonry). Oh how wrong we were ! An accident on the northbound A56 at Haslingden resulting in its closure caused a tailback on the M66 which added another 2 hours to our journey. We weren’t the only ones of the Provincial Deputation stuck in the jam – several never made it, including the RWPGM who was stuck in traffic for 4 hours and eventually had to give up and return home.

Fortunately Priory were aware of our collective predicament and wisely put the meeting back half an hour to 7pm by which time the majority of the Deputation had managed to arrive. We finally paraded into the Lodge 10 minutes later accompanying our two APGMs WBro Gerald Noel Howard Young and VWBro David Hedley Thompson. In the absence of the PGM, WBro Gerry Young APGM accepted the Gavel and took the Chair of the Lodge and proceeded to introduce the 22 strong Provincial Deputation.

He then went on to the main business of the evening, the Dedication of the Lodges new banner which had kindly been donated by WBro Cyril Kennerley PAGDC. Those of us who know Cyril will know that he’s had a torrid time with his health over the last couple of years having been in and out of hospital where he still is, so, unfortunately, couldn’t be with us tonight. WBro Young asked the Lodge Secretary to pass on thanks to WBro Kennerley for his kind donation together with the best wishes of the Province. Moving swiftly on to the main business of the evening, the APGM then requested the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies WBro Mike Porter to form a Banner Escort.

Taking Cyrils place as Donor in the Banner Escort was WBro John Whitney PGJD who was joined by WBro John Rimmer PPGJW as Banner Bearer, supported by the Lodge Deacons and the rest of the Provincial DC Team. They all subsequently paraded into the Lodge where WBro Young proceeded confidently with the Banner Dedication Ceremony.


Following the Ceremony, the WM of the Lodge WBro Ronald Howell PPGSO was reinstated into the Chair of King Solomon and thanked the APGM WBro Gerry Young for attending with the Provincial Team, who shortly thereafter all retired in recession from the Lodge to rousing applause from the Lodge Members and their Visitors.

The evening concluded across the road at the Swan & Royal with a superb meal attended by 57 Brethren who all agreed they had (eventually !) had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Finally, thanks must go to WBro John Rimmer the Lodge Secretary for organising the whole evening in Clitheroe having moved the meeting from the Lodges usual home in Whalley to accommodate not only Lodge Visitors but the large Provincial Team attending. Thank you also WBro Eric Bond for the pics !

Hollands Pies has been going since 1851 you know….

Words: WBro Garry Errock PGStB ProvAGSec

WBro Bill Borrell ProvRAMGR – Home Presentation by PGM

WBro Bill Borrell, a member of Prince RAM No24, was unable to attend the Investiture Meeting of Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank held in October at Rochdale.

The RW Provincial Grand Master was aware that WBro Borrell was not in good health and suggested that he might visit WBro Borrell at home to Invest him.

WBro Borrell and his wife Maureen agreed to the visit and on Saturday 24th November, the Provincial Grand Master visited WBro Borrell and Invested him with his Collarette.

WBro Alston Hall, a long time friend of WBro Borrell was also present as he visits him regularly, especially on a Saturday, so that Mrs Borrell can have some time to go shopping.

It was a most enjoyable occasion and I am certain that we all wish Bill well for the future.

Words & pics by PGM RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren RAMGR

Friendship Mark 1459/Faith Mark 20/Middleton Mark 1303 – Open Evening

Last night at Middleton Masonic Hall saw the 3 Mark Lodges based there holding a joint Open Evening.

In attendance was the PGM RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren together with his Deputy VWBro John Hartley Smith and Assistant WBro Gerald Noel Howard Young. They were accompanied by a large Deputation of the Acting Provincial Officers of the year.

They all welcomed the 19 Craft Members who had been invited who were given an excellent presentation on the Mark Degree by the Provincial Grand Secretary, WBro David Rainford.

This was followed by a superb 3 course buffet at which a total of 71 dined. A raffle was held and “thank yous” were given for all the hard work put in by the 3 Lodges particularly the main host Lodge, Friendship 1459.

Let’s hope enough was done to convince some of the 19 Craft Masons to join this great Degree !

Words & pics by WBro T.Stewart Mills PProvGSO

Another 100 not out for Canon’s Close !

Mrs Jenny Collier reached the wonderful age of 100 on 20th October 2018.

Attending the celebrations on behalf of the Mark Degree were the Provincial Grand Master and his wife Leslie. The Chairman of the ELMBF Howard Nuttall and his wife Carole. The Provincial Almoner Barry Heal and my wife Eva and I and 75 guests in total.

Jenny was born in 1918 and spent all her life in Great Lever, Bolton until moving to Barlow House. Canon’s Close in 2005.

At 11 Jenny gained a scholarship to The County Grammar School, matriculated with distinctions and at age 16 started working in the Civil Service in Manchester. She recalls travelling by train into the City during the blackout.

She married Horace in 1942 who was a lecturer in textiles and worked at the then Bolton Institute until he retired.

Jenny returned to work in 1960 after her 2 daughters were born and worked until she retired at 65.

Jenny and Horace celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1992. Unfortunately, Horace died of a heart attack in 1995. They both felt blessed with having six grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

When she moved into Barlow House, she carried on doing charity work and attending groups at St Peter’s Halliwell and is still going strong.

Over my time as chairman of the Management Committee it has been a pleasure and a privilege to get to know Jenny, a lovely lady whom I am proud to call a friend. Hence it was an honour for me, on this special day, to be able to propose a toast to her continued health.


No1. Her cake and a card from the Queen.
No 2 Guests arriving. Leslie McLaren, Howard Nuttall, Carole Nuttall,
Alex McLaren and behind him Barry Heal.
No3 Me with Jenny after the toast
No4 Jenny with a sparkly candle
No5 Jenny cutting the cake
No6 The PGM and Leslie with Jenny
No7 Howard and Carole with Jenny
No8 Barry Heal

PGM presents Lady Grand Patron Diamond Award

The PGM RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren recently attended Starkie Royal Ark Mariners No 159 to hear a lecture given by VWBro David Anderson.

He was offered the gavel on entry but declined. He stayed throughout the meeting and joined us at the Festive Board, where we were then joined by Mrs Barbara Peters and her husband WBro John Peters.

L to R : WBro John Peters, Mrs Barbara Peters, the PGM, Worshipful Commander Duncan Holmes.

After the meal and the first toast to Her Majesty had been given, the PGM RWBro Alex Sillars Maclaren rose and gave a synopsis of the achievements of Mrs Peters who was already in possession of a Gold Award.

The PGM RWBro Alex Sillars McLaren congratulates Barbara Peters on her achievements.

He congratulated her on exceeding the target for the Diamond Award by raising in excess of £3000 and made a formal presentation of the Pendant and accompanying certificate for her outstanding achievement. Mrs Peters then retired from the Festive Board and the rest of the toasts were completed in harmony.

Barbara proudly displays her Certificate and 2 (Gold & Diamond Award) Pendants.

We all then joined Mrs. Peters in the bar to thank her and wish her well.

Report & pics by WBro Peter Hughes

Double Chance Draw Winners

Latest winners of the £20 prize are WBros:

Ron Wadeson – Turton RAM 1300
John Welsby – F.W.Broadbent RAM 1132
Colin Bodimeade = Manchester Keystone 745
Peter Faulkner – Friendship 1459
Eddie Barton – Union 171
Bernard Percy – Fabric 939
Tony Cleworth – Temperance 56

Congratulations to all and good luck to all other entrants in the main draw next May !

Double Chance Draw Cards available from your Fellowship Representative.