Sore feet for the Festival

Last summer, I decided to sponsor myself to walk One Million steps in 4 weeks for the Festival. I was already doing 5-600 000 steps a month walking my dog Maisie so I didn’t envisage it to be that hard a target to reach.
I had done about 800.000 steps and was at home this particular day when my doorbell rang. I was upstairs and as more “Sore feet for the Festival”

Mark Calendars on sale at Bury Market

On Friday 4 December W.Bro Gerry Young & Annette Young and W.Bro Stewart Mills & Janet Mills set up camp at 8-30 am on Bury market. The stall was kindly provided free to the Mark Festival for the sale of the Mark calendars. Later in the morning  VWBro David Thompson arrived to help out. It was certainly a very cold day but this did not stop the enthusiasm & banter to promote the sales of the calendars. Lots of people were milling around the market and more “Mark Calendars on sale at Bury Market”

Festival Calendar heads up Website

The 2021 Festival Calendar, which is on sale to support our total for next year, has great images representing East Lancashire locations throughout the year. I thought they would make an excellent background image set for the Provincial Website. 

If you check out the website you will notice the changes over the coming months as we approach the Festival date.

Enjoy more “Festival Calendar heads up Website”

Christmas WILL take place!

I have it on good authority that Christmas WILL take place!

Therefore you will need Mark Brew for you, your family and friends

Delivered safely to your door.

Happy Christmas and COVID FREE 2021

A tasty traditional ale brewed with care at Wincle Brewery.

STILL ONLY £40 donation to the Festival 2021 for 12 bottles


New Date Announced – Festival and Festive goodies on Bury Market

On Friday the 4th December at Bury outdoor markets on stall no 27 W.Bro T Stewart Mills & W.Bro Gerry Young will be on the stand to promote the 2021 festival calendars and various other items. So brethren why not come along & say hello and avail yourself of some Festival and Festive goodies.

When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew

When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew – A.P.G.M. Gerry Young showing the way and supporting the 2021 Festival- YOU can too!”

As Gerry Young takes delivery of Mark Brew from Colin on a bright and sunny brew day and takes his beer supply back to his relatively Covid free haven in Shropshire with his dear artist wife, Annette( NB: painter of those beautiful 2021 Calendars – for you all to buy!). No, he’s not being greedy, one case is for his promotion of the Level Group- watch this space- who are recruiting the next generation of Mark Masons- we all need to help with this initiative. And – there is more “When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew”