The Mark Brew – First Orders Delivered

Despite the rain head brewer and proprietor Giles Meadows deliver the first orders for The Mark Brew

Your chance to receive this outstanding beer delivered directly into the comfort of your favourite armchair. Or thereabout.

STILL ONLY £40 donation to the Festival 2021 for 12 bottles

A tasty traditional ale brewed with care at Wincle Brewery.

CHEERS Everybody!

2020 Grand Appointments and Promotions

Mark Grand Lodge have released the list of Members who will be awarded Grand Rank this year.

The following East Lancashire Brethren will receive First Appointments effective from the 9th June,

WBro Steven Lord GStwd

WBro John Green PAGDC

WBro Andrew Greenhalgh PAGDC

WBro Wesley Marchant PAGSwdB

The following Brethren will be Promoted from the 8th September,

VWBro Graham Mangham PGJO

WBro David Greenhalgh PGJD

WBro Brendan Harte PGJD

WBro Howard Nuttall PGJD

WBro David Rainford  PGJD

WBro Denis Schiff PGJD

These honours are well deserved and reflect the work done by the members for the Mark Province of East Lancashire and I’m sure you will congratulate the Brethren when you next see them.

Message from the Provincial Grand Master

RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren Provincial Grand MasterBrethren,
I thought it was appropriate, a week after the Government issued clear instructions about self-isolation and not making unnecessary journeys and two weeks after all Freemasonry in the UK was Suspended that I write to you all and send my good wishes. I really do hope that you are safe and well.
I also trust that you are all observing the guidelines.
I think we all realise that we are not at the peak of this pandemic yet and I am sure that you, like myself, are seeing on the news what is taking place in Italy and Spain.
You should have seen the message from our Provincial Grand Almoner, WBro Barry Heal and I urge you to get in touch if you have any problems that you more “Message from the Provincial Grand Master”

Suspension of meetings


Under the current prevailing circumstances Grand Mark Lodge have issued the following instruction: –

The Grand Masters of the Orders administered from Mark Masons’ Hall have jointly
agreed an immediate General Suspension of all Masonic Activity for a period of four
months. This means that no masonic meetings or related social activities should take
place until further notice.

Please adhere to this important direction.

Take care of yourselves and your families.

Yours fraternally