Rugby Football Lodge of MMMs 1965 – Dedication of the Lodge Banner.

Kick Off 6.30.

What a night ! RWBro Bob Clancey PGM of N East Yorkshire and WM of the Rugby Lodge got proceedings underway. With around 80 Mark Masons present, the night was bound to be informative, entertaining and very different from a normal Lodge meeting.

The PGM of East Lancs RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren and a Deputation of Provincial Officers, which included the Deputy and both Assistants, were in attendance. The PGM was offered the Gavel and on this occasion took the Chair of Adoniram.

The new Lodge banner had been donated by WBro Peter Brookes-Tee and he was honoured by being in the Delegation presenting the banner to the Lodge and the PGM.

The banner was duly dedicated and revealed to the Brethren. During the dedication, WBro Peter Hargreaves the Provincial Deputy Grand Chaplain provided us with an excellent oration explaining the meaning of such banners, not just to Masons but to society in general.

The social board got off to a rousing start with the Lodge Banner wafting in the breeze in a corner of the room. The DC wielding his red and yellow cards with wild abandon, and blasting away on his whistle. There were early baths for WBro Gerry Young APGM for not having a drink in his hand at the appropriate moment. In a first for the Lodge, a new joining member WBro Steve Spooner PPGMO was red carded early doors after only just stepping onto the pitch as a new joining member.

The JW WBro Steven Graham, invited all the guests to return on a future occasion and he allegedly offered to pick up the bill. Yet again the poor JW (well he will be poor if he pays the meal bill for North and East Yorkshire) fell foul of the DC with the cat joke. A good night was had by all with excellent work in the Llodge and good old banter at the dining table. Proving once again Mark Masonry is the friendly degree !

WBro Mark Rowe ProvDepGSwdB

Skelmersdale Mark 141 Installation

Tuesday 20th February saw the installation of Bro Peter Cole into the Chair of Adoniram. The meeting was attended by APGM WBro Tony Davies and a small delegation of acting Provincial Officers.

The new Worshipful Master announced he was very pleased with the manner in which he had been installed into the Chair as it had enabled him to advance his Masonic knowledge. The APGM said that supporting the Lodge was important for the Province and he was very pleased to see Peter installed as Worshipful Master.

APGM also said the Province was there to support the Provincial Charity Steward for his efforts during this year and he hoped the forthcoming fundraiser would go well. Tony thanked WBro George Scaife AGDC ProvGChStwd for all his efforts during the year.

After a short break for a picture with the new Master and Provincial Charity Steward the Brethren adjourned to the dining room where a veritable feast of Masonic beef and two veg was the order of the day.

WBro Mark Rowe ProvDepGSwdB

Turton Royal Ark Mariners No.1300

As Fellowship Rep, I visited the Last Drop at Bolton to attend the meeting of Turton RAM 1300 last Tuesday night.

Members of Turton Royal Ark Mariners 1300

14 members (plus myself) were in attendance to witness not only the Elevation of Bro Raymond Barns, but also the Installation of their new Commander WBro Ronald Wadeson – a busy evening indeed ! more “Turton Royal Ark Mariners No.1300”