Festival thoughts and update

Brethren, we are in the midst of a dreadful and dangerous pandemic which has affected all of our lives in some way and has curtailed our Masonic activities.

As we move towards the final year of our MBF Festival, it necessarily follows that our fundraising activities are frustrated by the Coronavirus. Lodge meetings, events and even our encouraging face to face social contact are at an end. I appreciate that, at this difficult time, many of you more “Festival thoughts and update”

2020 Grand Appointments and Promotions

Mark Grand Lodge have released the list of Members who will be awarded Grand Rank this year.

The following East Lancashire Brethren will receive First Appointments effective from the 9th June,

WBro Steven Lord GStwd

WBro John Green PAGDC

WBro Andrew Greenhalgh PAGDC

WBro Wesley Marchant PAGSwdB

The following Brethren will be Promoted from the 8th September,

VWBro Graham Mangham PGJO

WBro David Greenhalgh PGJD

WBro Brendan Harte PGJD

WBro Howard Nuttall PGJD

WBro David Rainford  PGJD

WBro Denis Schiff PGJD

These honours are well deserved and reflect the work done by the members for the Mark Province of East Lancashire and I’m sure you will congratulate the Brethren when you next see them.