MBF 2021 Festival – Update

It is with no little sadness that I have to announce that the Festival Banquet scheduled for 3rd July has been cancelled due to the extension of the Covid-19 lockdown measures. I am sure that this is disappointing for everyone who was planning to attend but particularly for the Banquet Committee who have worked so hard, for so long, to put on an event worthy of the occasion and our Province.
On 3rd July there will be a zoom meeting, organised by the Grand Secretary, to announce the results of our fundraising efforts. I hope that many of you can log in to hear the result. You have all been so supportive of the Festival and it will be very interesting to see how we have fared. Login details will be available soon and will be communicated to Lodge secretaries and to all those who were planning to attend on 3rd July.
We hope to organise a Provincial event, early in the New Year, to celebrate the culmination of the Festival and details will be available in the near future.
In the meantime brethren, I thank you all for your tremendous efforts and in particular, the Festival and Banquet Committees for all their hard work.
Keep safe and well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.