£5000 for Rossendale Hospice

Rossendale Hospice is a local charity that cares for patients and their families living with cancer and other life-limiting conditions including, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), chronic lung disease (COPD), Organ failure and others.

They do not offer overnight accommodation but many other services free of charge including Day Therapy, a range of Complementary and Psychotherapies, Bereavement Counselling and a Befriending Service. In addition, they also provide Hospice at Home care for patients at the end stage of their life. more “£5000 for Rossendale Hospice”

£4000 to Bury Hospice

Bury Hospice was opened in 1991 with money raised by the local community and its aims then were the same as they are today; to provide specialist twenty-four-hour in-patient, medical and respite facilities care for people with life-limiting illness, whilst doing everything they can to help support their families and carers.

It costs £2.9m per year to run Bury Hospice, and as a charity, they have to raise nearly £2.4m through community support. Every donation makes a difference.

more “£4000 to Bury Hospice”