Pleasant Surprise at Wike 142

On arrival at Radcliffe Masonic Hall on Wednesday, 13th of April, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by 21 Mark Masons who were in attendance at the same meeting. A Wike member who was also in attendance, was the DepPGM, David G Rainford.

Sadly, the Worshipful Master, Garry Jones was unable to attend due to having more “Pleasant Surprise at Wike 142”

Mossley Mark Celebrate 50th

Monday, 11th April at Mossley Masonic Hall, Westholme, Mossley Mark Lodge No 1381 held their daytime Lodge meeting to celebrate the Lodge’s 50th anniversary.

In attendance was the DepPGM, WBro David G Rainford with a founder member, MWBro Ben Addy, Past Pro Grand Master, along with more “Mossley Mark Celebrate 50th”

50th for TSB Mark

Monday, 4th April at Bury Masonic Hall, Thomas Sharples Barlow Lodge of Mark Masons No 1383 held a special meeting to celebrate the lodge’s 50th anniversary. In attendance was WBro David G Rainford, DepPGM along with the two APGM’s.

The lodge room was nearly at capacity, with many distinguished Grand Lodge officers in more “50th for TSB Mark”