Eighteen months to go

The beginning of a new decade signals that we now have a mere eighteen months until the culmination of our Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund.
Work carries on at a pace behind the scenes. We are now entering the fine detail stage with things like the design of the Festival badge being finalised, banquet menus, drinks, entertainment and a myriad of minor but very important considerations all being concluded.
The Festival Ambassadors continue to work hard in encouraging support from Lodges and individuals and I am grateful for their efforts. As we move towards the end of the Festival period, it is time to reflect for a moment upon the work of the MBF and in particular, for this Province. Since the turn of the millennium, petitioners from East Lancashire have received grants well in excess of £1.5 million. These are our brethren, past and present, their wives and widows and their dependants. It doesn’t come any closer to home than this. The Festival is the opportunity for us to put something back (once every forty-two years). I know that I can rely upon each and every one of you to do the best that you can to help us raise a total which ultimately shows our appreciation of the support received by our distressed friends and colleagues.
In concluding, I again express my sincere appreciation of the work done by everyone involved in the Festival. The Festival Committee, the Ambassadors, the Banquet Committee, Event Organisers and you all, for your support.
I wish you all well and the best of health for the year ahead.

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