Union Mark Lodge No 32 – First lunchtime meeting

Union Mark Lodge No. 32 met on 16th October at Manchester Hall, Bridge
Street. There were 10 brethren in attendance. This was the first lunchtime
meeting of the Lodge which will now become a permanent fixture. The Lodge
tyles at 11.00 am followed by the meeting and luncheon, all proceedings being
concluded by approximately 2.30 pm.

The move to lunchtime meetings is to attract new and joining members who may
not be able or willing to attend an evening Lodge. It is hoped that this
change will enable this fine old Lodge to grow and continue for many years
to come.

The next meeting of the Lodge will be in March and anyone interested in
becoming a member should contact WBro Graham Mangham, PGJD.

The Lodge looks forward to welcoming you.

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