Royal Ark Mariners receive Grand Patron status

On Friday 22nd November, Union Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners held their meeting at Rochdale Masonic Hall. On this occasion, the Lodge was honoured by the presence of WBro David Thompson, RAMGR, AProvGM.

After the Lodge was opened by the Worshipful Commander, WBro Tony Cleworth, WBro Thompson presented a Grand Patrons collarette to the Lodge in recognition of the generous donations to the MBF and the 2021 Festival

WBro Eddie Barton, RAMGR then delivered a most interesting talk on the RAM degree acknowledging that the majority of the content was the work of WBro Revd. H B Cryer.

The Remainder of the Lodge work being completed in an efficient manner, the brethren retired to the Social Board and enjoyed a happy and harmonious supper.

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