Festival thoughts and update

Brethren, we are in the midst of a dreadful and dangerous pandemic which has affected all of our lives in some way and has curtailed our Masonic activities.

As we move towards the final year of our MBF Festival, it necessarily follows that our fundraising activities are frustrated by the Coronavirus. Lodge meetings, events and even our encouraging face to face social contact are at an end. I appreciate that, at this difficult time, many of you have considerations far more important than Freemasonry. Nevertheless, I do hope that you will not forget our endeavours and possibly consider a personal contribution to the Festival during our period of isolation. That donation you did not put in the charity plate, the raffle ticket you did not buy. All these amounts add up and if converted to individual contributions, will help us to maintain our push towards a total of which we, in East Lancashire, can be proud, even in these trying times. Appropriate forms are available for download from the Festival section of the website.

My most earnest wish is that you all keep well and safe and I look forward to meeting you all again as soon as we are permitted.

To our next merry meeting!!

My best wishes.


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