William Romaine Callender Holds first Zoom meeting

On Tuesday 6th October William Romaine Callender 136 held its first zoom meeting. In attendance was RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren, PGM along with 13 members. The meeting was opened up at 7-30 sharp by the Worshipful Master W.Bro Raymond Short. The agenda was conducted in proper form and the W.M. kept everyone in order. If any member interrupted……………….. ( mute 🤐)!!!.  A tribute was given by W.Bro Ray Sullivan relating to the sad passing of W.Bro Mark Crosby at a very young age.

Hopefully, in 2021 W.Bro Kenneth Laidlaw will be able to hold his 50th year as a Mark Mason.

2021 is also a special year as W R C will be 150 years old.

The meeting ended by the RWPGM saying that W R C 136 was doing very well under these difficult conditions with two advancements in the pipeline for a future meeting, hopefully in early 2021.

The WM closed the Zoom meeting at 8-25.

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