When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew

When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew – A.P.G.M. Gerry Young showing the way and supporting the 2021 Festival- YOU can too!”

As Gerry Young takes delivery of Mark Brew from Colin on a bright and sunny brew day and takes his beer supply back to his relatively Covid free haven in Shropshire with his dear artist wife, Annette( NB: painter of those beautiful 2021 Calendars – for you all to buy!). No, he’s not being greedy, one case is for his promotion of the Level Group- watch this space- who are recruiting the next generation of Mark Masons- we all need to help with this initiative. And – there is NO limit on the number of cases you can order- but be quick, however you are “celebrating” Christmas- you need to order before the end of November to guarantee a Mark Brew festival.

STILL ONLY £40 donation to the Festival 2021 for 12 bottles

A tasty traditional ale brewed with care at Wincle Brewery.
Contact colbodmmm@bodimeade.me.uk

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