MBF Festival ……the last lap

Brethren. I trust that you are all keeping safe and well in the midst of this dreadful pandemic.
The turn of the year marks the last 6 months of our MBF Festival and efforts continue to ramp up towards the Banquet on 3rd July. We are in regular contact with the venue, Old Trafford, clarifying and adjusting the finer points of the event. We are liaising with the Grand Secretary and the MBF to ensure that all their requirements are met on the weekend and the Banquet Committee is working hard to ensure that we deliver an enjoyable and memorable occasion on the day. The closing date for bookings has been extended to 1st April to allow many people to have the reassurance of a COVID-19 vaccine before they book. Please do not leave it too late to book. We have been very pleased with the number of bookings already received and places are limited.
Our Lodges and individual members continue to support the Festival financially despite the fact that we are not meeting at the moment. Thank you all for your support.
Whilst the closing date for donations is the date of the Banquet, 3rd July 2021, it is important that donations from Lodges are received prior to 31st March. Time constraints and printing considerations mean that, whilst donations after 31st March will be included in the Festival total, they will not be included in the Festival booklet prepared and published by the MBF. Our actual Festival total will be the permanent record at the MBF but the booklet is our enduring record and I am sure that you will all want to see your own Lodge’s efforts properly committed to print.

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I again record my thanks to the Festival Committee, the Festival Ambassadors and the Banquet Committee for all their hard work throughout the years we have been ‘in Festival’. Their time and hard work have been given freely and enthusiastically and the Province is very proud of what they have and are achieving.
My best wishes to everyone and as we move towards a brighter future, let us all look forward to the happy day when we can all meet again.
Kind regards

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