15th June 1870 the Mark Province of Lancashire was created

This booklet details how on 15th June 1870 the Mark Province of Lancashire was created, but under the Scottish Constitution, not the English Constitution. It was only later due to the efforts of MWBro Rev Portal, the Grand Master, who recognised that verbal threats would not be enough to counter the threat, responded by constituting its ninth English Constitution Mark Province on the 18th October 1870 being that of Lancashire.

With five Lodges in East Lancashire and one in West Lancashire, the Province was formed. The detailed history of the continuance of Mark Masonry in Lancashire is documented in this well written booklet and is a recommended read for all those who are interested in local Mark Masonry.

Copies can be obtained at a cost of £6 each, incl postage, and by contacting David H Thompson at apgm2@eastlancsmark.org with your order.

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