MBF Annual Review 2021

The MBF Annual Review 2021 has been published and can be viewed or downloaded from the Mark Masons’ Hall website via this link https://tinyurl.com/44zjtaje

There are some amazing numbers in the report and its well worth a read through. You will be amazed at the support that is made by the fund and the monies that you as Mark Masons make on a regular basis.

2 thoughts on “MBF Annual Review 2021

  1. stewart mills Reply

    Personally can I thank bob Summers for putting this post on about the fantastic efforts the M B F do for the nation

  2. Bob Summers Reply

    I had a read through, and it’s truly humbling the figures that are donated to so many worthy causes and brethren in need.
    It’s comforting to know where your regular donations are going and what is achieved with them.

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