Things on the up for Skelmersdale Mark Lodge

Eric EvansonThings are looking up for Skelmersdale Lodge of Mark Masters No.141.

The Lodge has seen membership fall with the last new member joining almost 10 years ago. It became apparent to the Lodge members in January that something had to be done about the situation soon or the Lodge would have to close, which no one wanted to happen.

Discussions took place in early 2013 and a plan was drawn up to hold a Kinship Meeting in May. The next problem was identifying Masons interested in finding out more about the Mark Degree, and willing to come along to the Kinship Meeting.

This is where it all took off so to speak! It was decided to give a brief presentation to the individual Lodges that met at our Masonic Hall. We went in pairs and spoke at the social boards of a number of Lodges with differing results! …… but what a difference it made within our Lodge! There was a definite buzz about the place!!

When we held the Kinship Meeting in May we had 5 very interested Masons, and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master David Anderson came to give his support!  W Bro David Rainford Prov AssG Sec gave a very interesting and informative PowerPoint presentation on the History of the Mark Degree and how the Degree is run in East Lancashire. The DPGM  David Anderson rounded off the evening with a  brilliant informal talk on Mark Masonry …….. as one of our members commented,  “after that, he felt he would have joined on the night!”

800 x 600 Skelmersdale
Keith Schofield PGM, new member Eric Evanson, Secretary Martin Kay and WM Brian Farrow

Fast Forward to October when the Provincial Grand Master Keith P Schofield attended our October Meeting with a Provincial Deputation as we  Advanced our first Candidate, we will be  having an extraordinary meeting in November to Advance a second Candidate, and a third Candidate in December! What a Year!!! Now that we have made a start in rebuilding numbers in the Lodge we intend to keep up our visits to promote the Mark Degree, and hopefully expand further!

Images and report from W Bro Martin Kay, Secretary, Skelmersdale Mark Lodge

4 thoughts on “Things on the up for Skelmersdale Mark Lodge

  1. George Davis Reply

    Having ‘worked’ alongside you in a Craft lodge (St Thomas 992) since 1988 and knowing of your zeal for Freemasonry I can only say how lucky whichever Mark Lodge that will be receiving you as a member, will be .
    I will add confirmation, to the previous comment, that you will be joining a degree of friendliness that is seldom, if ever, found anywhere else.
    Give me the date and I will definitely be there to cheer you on!
    The pity is, you did not listen to me years ago. Better late……

  2. Peter Harding Reply

    Hi Bob, I was asked to join Mark degree as it would fold if they got no new members, so I asked all our Lodge members (9709) to join with me, and looks like five more brethren are going to join with me.
    I go in next February: and I wanted to cut back a bit.

    1. Bob Summers Reply

      Hi Pete
      You will enjoy the Mark Degree, the ceremony is excellent and the camaraderie amongst Mark Masons is second to none. I’m currently in the chair of my Wycoller Mark Lodge over in Colne. Drop me a line nearer the time and I will see if I can attend.
      Take care

  3. Bob Summers Reply

    Congratulations to you all and a warm welcome to new Mark Mason Eric.
    We are planning on holding a similar event later in the season and hope to be as successful as Skelmersdale Lodge.
    Thanks for the report and images.

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