57 Journey to Royal Ark Mariner Assembly, London

ram-assembly-01-800-x-600The Provincial Grand Master was accompanied by fifty seven East Lancashire Royal Ark Mariners for the Grand Lodge Meeting in London on Tuesday the 10th December.

Fifty Brethren travelled down by rail on the Monday Morning  and they occupied a full carriage on the journey to Euston, many going on to attend the Grand Stewards Lodge Installation at Mark Masons Hall and then staying over night at the Union Jack Club.

 On the Journey down the Provincial Grand Master stood and called the carriage to order and then announced that we had a birthday boy on board, WBro Roy Castle was 83 that day,  The PGM than led us all in a toast to Roy seen here standing on the right.


The Royal Ark Mariner Assembly on the Tuesday was held at Great Queen Street and was well attended by local Royal Ark Mariners and many representing  European and Caribbean Countries with one Investee travelling from New Zealand receiving a special round of applause.

Several more East Lancashire Brethren also joined the numbers having travelling down on the Tuesday Morning making our numbers up to fifty seven!

The Brethren who received honours were,

W Bro Norman Clarke             Rose of York 1010

W Bro Thomas Mather           Rectitude 18

W Bro William Anderson        Robert Burns 1613

W Bro Royce Batters              Good Report 1309

W Bro John Whitney               Starkie 159

W Bro Ian Ronson                   Quatuor Legati 1165

five of whom  are shown below during the meal at the Connaught Rooms.


Then it was back to the train and our own carriage again where we were looked after by Tracey our carriage steward who distributed chocolate reindeer and Santa’s throughout the journey.

ram-assembly-03-800-x-600She was ably assisted by the train manager, here on the left also called Tracey who made a special train wide announcement, the Provincial Grand Secretary  presented Roy Castle with a birthday cake with 83 candles, it sounds big but it was really small with 8 and a 3 candles, he didn’t offer to share it.

We got back into Manchester at 23:11  for our onward journeys home.

If you are interested in joining the PGM on the trip to Grand Lodge in London contact Malcolm McCarthy and he will be happy to let you have details.

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