Thoughts in Spring

As we approach the end of the current Masonic Season we now have only two years to go until our Festival matures. The big date for all your diaries is Saturday, 3 July 2021.
A great deal of work is already going on behind the scenes as we liaise with the venue, Manchester United, and start to bring together menu’s, AV suppliers, transport, hotels and all the other small things that make a sizeable function happen. We have a small but experienced team working tirelessly to ensure that the function will be memorable for all those that attend and thanks are due to everyone in that team for the great deal of effort already expended.
The Festival fund continues to grow thanks to the generosity of all the membership, either directly or through their Lodges. Your support is much appreciated and will no doubt gather momentum as we approach the climax of our efforts. Thanks are also due to the organisers of numerous fundraising efforts, functions, sponsored events, dinners, banquets…… The list goes on. The Festival Ambassadors enthusiastically continue to visit their Lodges and offer support and assistance in raising funds wherever possible. We must also extend our thanks to the East Lancashire Mark Fellowship for their assistance in selling our merchandise, the second chance draw and many other unnoticed ways in which they support the Festival effort.
Brethren, enjoy the Summer recess (which seems to get shorter every year) and come back in the Autumn with renewed energy and enthusiasm as we move to the conclusion of the Festival. Let us all work with a passion towards a total fund worthy of our great Province.