Special Evening at Starkie 159 Installation

CAM_7596Starkie Mark 159 held a rather special Installation meeting on the 15th February at their regular home in Accrington Masonic Hall. Special in such a way as the Provincial Grand Master was in attendance along with half a dozen acting officers of the year. It wasn’t the provincial visit that made it special in any way. It was the joyous way the brethren placed their new master into the chair of Adoniram. 

The Brethren were few in number and held multiple offices within the lodge, but, nevertheless the ceremonial was delivered in an excellent manner by those taking part. The newly installed Worshipful Master Tony McAleese was returning to the position, but was full of enthusiasm for the role and was looking forward to the year ahead. The best thing I heard on the night was Tony say in response to his toast.



“I like being in the Chair” W.Bro Tony McAleese 

and why not indeed. It was good to see the brethren respond to that statement, and I’m sure Tony will get massive support during his year in the chair. His comment certainly made me smile.

The social board at Accrington is really good, nothing can be said about the service or the quality of the food, except I don’t know how they do it for the price. We all had a good meal and enjoyed partaking of the toast. A very enjoyable evening and one of those special lodges I would recommend you pay a visit. If only to see the enthusiasm of the WM and brethren. The evening ended in very good harmony and at a sensible time. 


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