Grand Mark Lodge

Early last Tuesday morning, a contingent of East Lancs Mark Masons set off on the annual trip to Grand Mark Lodge in support of the Brethren receiving promotions – WBro Barry Heal to Deputy Grand Swordbearer, WBro David Rainsbury to Grand Steward, WBro Duncan Ferguson to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies and WBro Brian Wetherell to Past Grand Standard Bearer. Following the opening of Grand Lodge, the Grand Secretary introduced distinguished guests including RWBro Alexander Sillars McLaren as PGM of East Anglia! (he corrected himself at the end of proceedings). Naturally, our PGM was afterwards subjected to some good-natured ribbing – including the report below from Provincial Wag WBro Mark Rowe!

WBro Gerry Young APGM with DepPGM WBro John Smith and WBro Mike Shaw PAGDC

“In an unusual move, the Grand Secretary announced the annexation of East Anglia by East Lancs Mark Masons.     The announcement made at Grand Lodge took Brethren by surprise, prompting a flurry of activity particularly on eBay. Within in minutes, Brethren from Cromer LodgeNo 999 pledged allegiance to East Lancs and started buying East Lancs ties, whilst a large number of East Lancs Mark Brethren started planning holidays on the Norfolk Broads and volunteering for missionary work. The sales of East Anglia memorabilia also took an upturn as eBay guru WBro Errock cashed in on the sales rush. Meanwhile, mutterings from the White Rose County were of nature they did it to us in 1485 and they never looked back.      Anyway, after a flurry of Secretarial activity, the issue was resolved when the Grand Secretary announced a mistake.

The mistake meant the bottom dropped out of the eBay ties market and the Mark Degree resumed its friendly banter good manners and gentlemanly conduct. Another great trip to London was had by all.
An evening meal at the adjoining Connaught Rooms followed, after which the Brethren returned to their respective hotels to conclude the day’s activities with much banter and drinking.
The morning after, several of the party attended the Craft Quarterly meeting, the rest went their separate ways sightseeing.
We all met up at Euston for the return journey at 3.40 pm during which our Virgin Trains Hostess Tracy was presented with a gift by the PGM for the impeccable service provided.
All in all another most enjoyable visit.

Pics by WBro Garry Errock ProvAGSec

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