Mossley Mark 1381 – Tony’s Last Visit

Mossley is a town built on three borders Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire. On Monday the 9th of April, Mark Masons gathered to celebrate the installation of John Wilson as Worshipful Master.

As Mossley has a Shengen agreement, no passports were necessary on the night. This resulted in the attendance of envoys from Cheshire and West Yorkshire Provinces, whilst East Lancashire Province provided a fine body of men all of whom were Acting Officers of the year, led by WBro Tony Davies APGM. A number of the team were first time visitors to the extremities of the Province, some arriving late after discovering that in “Mossleyworld” Satnav does not work. In fact some Brethren resorted to asking directions, which all added to the fun of the evening.

Our Provincial Senior Warden almost had a stand in part as acting Warden, when out of the blue the Lodge Senior Warden arrived just in time for the start. Once the stragglers from far and wide were seated, the Installation commenced. The Installation was conducted in a unique Mossley style, with a number of Officers taking part in the ceremony. All done in fine form, with donations made to various charities all of which were gratefully received.

The social board was preceeded with a little light libation provided by the new Worshipful Master, gin & tonics or whisky being the order of the day. The new Worshipful Master was toasted and we all sat down to a fine meal.
Afterwards, John spoke about his time in Mossley Lodge saying he was proud to once again take the Chair. When he first joined the Lodge it was the biggest in the Province. He complemented the strong team he had around him. Looking around the room, he commented on the fact that a number of the present members had followed their fathers into the Lodge. John pledged to do all he could to promote Mossley Mark and bring in some new candidates.

WBro Anthony John Davies APGM with the WM WBro John Wilson

Tony Davies APGM congratulated the new Worshipful Master and said he was glad to see so many friends and guests supporting John with over 30 Brethren in the room. The Province would do all it could to support the Lodge as could be seen in the fantastic turn out of Provincial Officers. Tony said some of the first time visitors had noted on arrival it was raining, Tony had visited a number of times each time it had rained on the one occasion it did not it snowed. Tony thanked the Lodge for the charity donations and wished the Lodge well.

So if you are a Craft Mason and are thinking about joining Mark Masonry, contact the Provincial Office or better still contact Mossley Mark Lodge I am sure John and the Lodge will give you a warm and friendlyMark welcome. Details are on this website.

WBro Mark Rowe ProvDepGSwdB

Stanley Mark Lodge 1454

Every picture tells a story. Wednesday the 9th of May saw another visit by the Provincial Team this time to support Brethren of Stanley Lodge Number 1454. Stanley Lodge is based in Audenshaw and on a hot steamy night we all gathered for the installation of the Master Elect Bro Stephen Lambert.

In attendance was our own Deputy Prov Grand Master W Bro John Smith PGJD he was accompanied by a small delegation of provincial officers. With work to be done and the temperature rising the Provincial Team volunteered to help out with some of the jobs ensuring a full complement of Officers on the floor. Hence the Provincial Team refrain – “Where there is work to be done, that’s where you’ll find us”.

The ceremony was conducted in an excellent manner by WBro Brian Grove with other Officers of the Lodge taking part during the proceedings. Even the Provincial Officers supporting were word perfect on the night. The work being finished everyone came together for the Lodge picture in full battle dress. Where John took the opportunity to congratulate the new Worshipful Master, if you look closely you can see the Warrant.

And so it was off to the social board. WBro Smith complemented the Lodge on a fine ceremony and he thanked the Brethren for some generous donations including donations from Brethren not present due to other circumstances. He also congratulated those members of the Lodge who will receive honours this year; it was a fine effort all round.
The social board continued with some good banter and very nice food, before it was off home with the temperature slowly going down and the warrant safely in the new WMs hands.

WBro Mark Rowe ProvDepGSwdB

Marathon Man Takes Gold !

Dear Brother Mark Masons,

Having managed to visit 42 Mark Lodges in 2017 out of a possible 50 in East Lancashire on my sponsorship attempt, I give a heartfelt thank you to all the Lodges and individual Mark Masons who sponsored me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Mark Masons who I had not already met before, and feel most grateful for the warm and friendly reception that was given to me. I also give a special thank you to my Brother Mark Masons in Joey Dunlop Lodge No. 1881 which is in Leicestershire and Rutland who also sponsored me. The total sponsorship money raised for the festival was £3672.

I was most grateful and surprised to receive a Grand Patron Gold Award Certificate, Collarette and Jewel from the Mark Benevolent Fund, presented to me by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of East Lancashire, Worshipful Brother John Hartley Smith.

Once again I thank all of you.

Best regards,

WBro Ron Coucill PProvGJD

Swordbearer Polishes His Weapon

Well, it was a hot and sunny morning today and what’s the best thing that a retiring Provincial Grand Sword Bearer can do? Polish his sword of course, so it’s off to the Mark Provincial Office in Salford with all my cleaning gear and set too on the job in hand.

After about an hour this was the result, it’s all ready for the Provincial Mark meeting on the 23rd May at Blackburn.

Let’s hope WBro Dredge looks after it !

WBro Steve Boyle ProvGSwdB


Volunteers with St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity, took time out recently to say thank you to the Masons for the donation of a new ambulance which will be based at the charity’s Denton unit.

Masons Barry Heal, David Rainford and Alex McLaren hand the keys to David Styles, District Manager and SJA volunteers.

The new ambulance is one of over 50 vehicles which are being handed over in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands in a phased programme from October 2017 and throughout 2018.

The vehicles have been secured thanks to a capital grant by the Mark Master Masons through their Mark Benevolent Fund to the Order of St John with the specific aim of providing new ambulances, treatment centres and support vehicles to St John Ambulance, the Order’s operational arm in England and the Islands.

The Denton vehicle will be put to use at events in the county as volunteers deliver life saving first aid to members of the public.

Alex McLaren, Provincial Grand Master at the Mark Master Masons in East Lancashire, said: ‘We’re delighted to be able to support St John Ambulance and the life saving work that they do.’

Darren Clark, Chair of the Greater Manchester County Priory Group, said: ‘The donation of this vehicle is wonderful news for the county and will significantly help enhance patient care and contribute to more lives saved locally. We’re immensely grateful to the Mark Master Masons in the East Lancashire Province and to the Mark Benevolent Fund for their generosity and we look forward to seeing the positive use made by local St John Ambulance volunteers of the vehicle in the future as they continue the charity’s life saving mission.’


Rugby ends in a tie !

WM RWBro Bob Clancey (PGM North & East Yorks) spotted at the recent meeting of Rugby Football Lodge No.1965, proudly sporting his East Lancashire tie !

RWBro Alex McLaren, PGM East Lancs, Worshipful Master RWBro Bob Clancey, PGM North & East Yorks, VWBro Stehen Holt PGMO

Not that anyone noticed of course…