A team effort in Bolton

On Wednesday 20th November St Johns TI and F W Broadbent Mark Lodges met on the same night with a view to supporting each other’s meetings.

FWB led they way opening at 6.20 pm with the Immediate Past Master, W.Bro. John Green in the chair. Items of business were quickly dealt with and the Lodge closed at 6.40 pm.

After a quick change of personnel in the chairs, St Johns TI was opened at 6.50 by the Worshipful Master, David Barlow assisted by the Lodge Officers and visitors who assumed various offices for the more “A team effort in Bolton”

Christmas 2019 – I may be able to help.

W Bro Barry R Heal PDepGSwdB Provincial Grand AlmonerAs Provincial Almoner for this great Province of ours, I am offering to help anyone in need or distress including our own Brethren, their immediate family, widows, partners and dependents of East Lancashire Mark Masons.
If you are alone, perhaps feeling vulnerable and insecure, and unable to turn to relatives or close friends for comfort and support I may be able to help. This could include financial support. I am currently more “Christmas 2019 – I may be able to help.”