Christopher Wildman PGSW

Meet the Team: WBro Christopher Michael Wildman, Provincial Grand Senior Warden

I was born in 1960 in Chadderton, Oldham and have an independent practice as an Accountant (which makes me a sitting duck for the role of Lodge/Chapter Treasurer!). Outside of Freemasonry, my main hobbies have taken quite a hit during the last 18 months; Family, Travel, Dining out and Golf. However, I am hopeful that as you read this, these pleasures are slowly returning.

Although I did have Masonic connections (my late brother was a Brother as were four other family members), I was having too good a time in Round Table to consider joining the Craft until I reached the ripe old age of 41. I was initiated into Ark Lodge 6594 on 6th December 2001, proposed by Bro Chris Prax, and seconded by WBro David Basger. I served as Master of Arkscroll Lodge in 2012-13, and the Lodge of Integrity 163 in 2014-15. I am currently Treasurer of the Lodge of Integrity 163 and Parnassus 7869, and Assistant Secretary of East Lancs Provincial Grand Stewards 8408.

I was exalted into Ark Chapter 6594 in 2008 and reached the Chair of MEZ of Ark and Menorah 6594 in 2016. I am also a member of East Lancs Provincial Grand Stewards 8408.

I also served as RMBI 2015 Festival Office Manager between 2010 and 2016. Having joined the Manchester Sykes team as Secretary in 2014, I have been Chairman of the District since November 2019. I also serve on the ELMC Fundraising Committee and as Treasurer for Hewlett Court. I hold the rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

In Mark Master Masonry, I was advanced into Constitution in 2007, serving as Master in 2012 and have served as Treasurer since 2017. In 2015, I was appointed Provincial Grand Sword Bearer, joined East Lancs Provincial Grand Officers 990 in 2016, and in 2020 promoted to Provincial Grand Senior Warden.

I was elevated into Royal Ark Mariners, Constitution 949 in 2011, and served as Commander for 3 years between 2015-18, wherein I serve as Charity Steward. I received Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Rank in 2019, and joined East Lancs Provincial Grand Officers 990 that year.