David Lightbown PGJW

Meet the Team: WBro David Lightbown, Provincial Grand Junior Warden
I am a semi-retired Electrical Consultant and currently live in the Ribble Valley with my wife of 50 years Susan, we have a son and daughter along with a twenty one year old grandson and newly born Grand daughter who is only a few weeks old, so we are currently on a refresher course on handling new babies.
I have various interests, including watching sport, holidays, live theatre and eating out, all of which have been seriously curtailed during the recent pandemic, my main interest however is that of Freemasonry, which I look upon as a way of life rather than just an interest, I have have been very fortunate to receive ongoing support, involvement and encouragement from my wife and family throughout all the roles I have occupied.
Support of which I still receive in connection with my current roles within the “East Lancashire Masonic Charity”, that as chairman of the Benevolence Committee and also Chairman of the Hewlett Court Advisory Committee, these roles enabling help to be dispersed to the Beneficiaries and also to oversee ongoing improvements and ensure that the Hewlett Court home meets current regulations and continued investment, the main purpose being for the health and welfare of the forty residents.
I was initiated into Verity Lodge No 3949 in Blackburn at the May meeting in 1992 and progressed through the various offices to occupy the Masters Chair in 2002; I have since occupied the chair on three other occasions within the Lodge, along with various other offices. I have also been a member of other Lodges over the last twenty eight years and have been installed as master on two other occasions. I received my first Provincial Honour in 2003 to that of “Provincial Grand steward “, which was a very special year. I was very fortunate to be actively involved with the former Blackburn and newly formed East Ribble District Team for a period of twelve happy years, taking on the roles as Charity Steward, Deputy Chairman and finally Chairman in 2012. During my time as Chairman I had the wonderful experience of being appointed acting Warden of the Province in 2013 this being followed by promotion to Grand Rank in 2015 as” Past Assistant Director of Ceremonies”, these special events however were eclipsed in 2019 when I had the pleasure and privilege to initiate my son into Freemasonry , I sincerely hope that he has as much enjoyment and fulfilment over the coming years as myself over the last twenty nine years.
My journey into the Holy Royal Arch Commenced in June 2002 when I was exalted into Hutchinson Chapter No 381 at Darwen Masonic hall, in which I progressed through the offices and occupied the first Principals Chair for the first time in 2008 and again in 2015, I am currently Scribe E of the Chapter and a member of the Provincial Officers Chapter and a member of Verity Chapter of installed First Principals and will be installed as First Principal of the latter in 2022. I have been very fortunate to receive a number of Provincial Honours in Chapter including “Provincial Grand Scribe N and received Grand Rank to PGStB in 2020, but unfortunately was not able to be invested due to the Pandemic.
I was advanced into Darwen Mark lodge in January 2009 and due to the low membership of the Lodge at the time I progressed to the Worshipful Masters Chair in quick progression, I am now trying to retrospect fully occupy any offices that I missed at the time.
My journey into the Mark Degree continued in 2015 when I was elevated into” Keep Royal Ark Mariners “at Clitheroe Masonic Hall, I am glad to say that progression has been a little less frantic than in my Mark Lodge, I am currently Senior Warden and hopefully will be installed in the chair in September 2021. To further my Mark Masonry experience in 2019 I became a joining member of both the Cornerstone Mark and RAM Lodges, both meeting at Bridge Street Manchester.
Once again I have been very fortunate to receive Provincial honours on three occasions, the most recent of those being that of “Provincial Grand Junior Warden, of which I feel very proud and privileged and I look forward to visiting Lodges across the Province throughout the ensuing year.
The Mark Degree is often referred to as the friendly degree and one of the things that I particularly enjoy is that a large number of the Charity, fund raising events and milestone celebrations are carried out across the Province and not restricted to within specific areas or district boundaries and therefore have the opportunity to meet more frequently Brethren from across the Province. My only regret is that I did not join the order earlier in my Masonic Career, and would encourage any brother to join the order at the earliest suitable opportunity.