Mark Grand Appointments

The following Brethren received Grand Honours at the Meeting of Mark Grand Lodge on the 7th June 2016.

First Appointments   
Grand Steward David RainfordFW Broadbent 1132
Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesGeorge H Scaife Skelmersdale141
Past Assistant Grand Sword BearerStephen LawlorTemperance56
Past Grand Standard BearerStephen BarrittGawthorpe1014
Past Grand Standard BearerReginald FosterFabric 939
Past Grand Standard BearerGarry ErrockUnion 171
Past Grand Master OverseerDavid AndersonGF Nuttall1405
Past Grand Junior OverseerPhilip J ConnFriendship1459 
Grand Junior DeaconSimon K ArcherW R Callender136 
Past Grand Junior DeaconPaul HoltFabric939
Past Grand Junior DeaconIan RonsonSt Andres 34
Past Grand Junior DeaconJ Christopher WeltonSalford994
Past Grand Junior DeaconGerald YoungProgress1577