Provincial Meeting 2017

The 2017 Meeting was held on Wednesday 24th May at the King Georges Hall Blackburn, there were 389 in the Hall for the Meeting and 240 stayed to dine. A full report and photographs appear on the News page. A copy of  the Provincial Grand Masters Address to the Meeting is available  by clicking on this  link    PGM Address 2017


The Provincial Treasurers Report for the year ended 31st August 2016 is below.

RW Provincial Grand Master and Brethren, I am pleased to present the Audited Accounts of the Province for the year ended 31st August 2016.
The most significant items I would draw your attention to are within our expenditure for the year.
Our yearbooks show a surplus of £947. The production costs of yearbooks for the last four years has only recently been determined. Our accounts in past years included provisions for costs which rightly erred on the conservative side, and which is now corrected to the actual costs in these accounts.
The surplus, therefore, reflects over provision for costs for past years. I expect that in the current year we will make a small surplus, or incur a small cost.
The cost of Provincial Meetings is significantly higher than the previous year, reflecting that we held an additional meeting for the Investiture of the Provincial Grand Master. I am very grateful to our Lodges who continue to provide generous support and which makes such a difference to the finances of the Province.
Overall, we made a small surplus for the year of £263, and our reserves at the year end increased by that amount, to £47,785.
The finances of the Province are robust, and I have formed the view that it is no longer necessary to maintain separate designated reserves which I have therefore combined into the General Fund. This will simplify the presentation of the Balance Sheet (albeit not for two years when the comparatives will have ‘worked their way out’).

It is our policy to have modest annual increases in Dues and to try to avoid larger irregular ones. I will, therefore, be giving notice of motion at this year’s Annual Meeting of a proposal to increase Provincial Grand Dues by 10p per annum for each Mark Lodge Member and by 5p per annum for each RAM Lodge Member, payable from 1st September 2018.
I would like to record my thanks to my predecessor, WBro Young, for the manner in which he dealt with the handover of the treasurer role, and which made the process an easy one for me.
I am grateful to the Provincial Secretariat for their support and their patience in dealing with a new treasurer, and also to the Auditors for the professional and courteous manner in which they carried out their duties.

Robert I Frankl
Provincial Grand Treasurer
15 February 2017

A copy of the Final Formal Audited Accounts is available by following this link.

final Formal Audited Accounts Aug 2016