Mark Degree Lectures

The following lectures are available from the Provincial Office. In the event that your Lodge has an opportunity to present one, please contact

  1. A short explanation of the Mark Degree.
  2. What is the Mark Degree
  3. Early Mark ritual.
  4. English, Irish and Scottish Mark.
  5. Commentary on the Mark Degree.
  6. Development of the Mark Degree.
  7. Echoes of the Mark Degree in Craft Masonry.
  8. Lebanon Mark Lodge T.I.
  9. Mark Master Mason.
  10. Porphyry Stone.
  11. Rudyard Kipling.
  12. The development of English Mark Masonry.
  13. The Royal Ark Mariner Degree.
  14. The beginnings of speculative Mark Masonry.
  15. The Mark and the Arch.
  16. The Scottish Mark.
  17. The future of ritual.
  18. The Masonic Degree of Mark Man.
  19. The Traditional History of the Third Degree and its connection with Mark Masonry.