Celebrating 50 years in the Mark

The Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Alex McLaren, accompanied by the Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and a deputation of 8 Acting Officers of the Province attended a Virtual Business Meeting of W R Callender Mark Lodge No.136 on 9th March to mark WBro. Kenneth Laidlaw’s 50th anniversary in the Mark Degree.
Advanced in Jarrow Mark Lodge No.701 in the Province of Durham on 16th February 1970, Ken was installed as WM in 1983. Several Jarrow Lodge members joined this meeting at Ken’s invitation. A surprise guest, RWBro Prof. Denovan Wilson, the PGM of Durham Mark Province, was also able to join us and received a warm welcome from RWBro Alex McLaren and everyone present.
Following a move from the more “Celebrating 50 years in the Mark”