New Date Announced – Festival and Festive goodies on Bury Market

On Friday the 4th December at Bury outdoor markets on stall no 27 W.Bro T Stewart Mills & W.Bro Gerry Young will be on the stand to promote the 2021 festival calendars and various other items. So brethren why not come along & say hello and avail yourself of some Festival and Festive goodies.

When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew

When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew – A.P.G.M. Gerry Young showing the way and supporting the 2021 Festival- YOU can too!”

As Gerry Young takes delivery of Mark Brew from Colin on a bright and sunny brew day and takes his beer supply back to his relatively Covid free haven in Shropshire with his dear artist wife, Annette( NB: painter of those beautiful 2021 Calendars – for you all to buy!). No, he’s not being greedy, one case is for his promotion of the Level Group- watch this space- who are recruiting the next generation of Mark Masons- we all need to help with this initiative. And – there is more “When in Shropshire look for the Mark Brew”

The Mark Brew – A last Hurrah

A special brew for the 03 July 2021 Banquet
Your chance to receive this outstanding beer delivered directly into the comfort of your favourite armchair. Or thereabout.

STILL ONLY £40 donation to the Festival 2021 for 12 bottles

A tasty traditional ale brewed with care at Wincle Brewery.

CHEERS Everybody!

2021 Festival – Booking Forms

Brethren, I hope you are all keeping safe and well and looking forward to the start of Freemasonry again, as we know it, whenever that happens.

We are now in our ‘Festival Year’ which started immediately after the original date for the celebration of the Kent Festival, 13th June 2020. As you are aware, our Festival culminates with a banquet which will be held on Saturday, 3rd July 2021 at more “2021 Festival – Booking Forms”

Fellowship Golden Ticket Draw

 The fellowship team are making a final push to promote the Golden Ticket Draw. If you have previously entered this draw then you know how it works and maybe you have been one of the lucky winners. If you have never entered then this is possibly the time to take part.

Contact T Stewart Mills on mobile 07764 306 095.

Good luck