Mossley Mark Lodge met at lunch for the very first time

On Monday 13th January, Mossley Mark Lodge met at lunchtime for the very first time. The Provincial Grand Master, RWBro. Alexander Sillars McLaren was in attendance along with 20 brethren.

The Lodge was opened at 11.00 am and the main business of the day was a talk by WBro. Paul Holt, PGJD on the early days of Mark Masonry. Following the meeting, the brethren retired to the more “Mossley Mark Lodge met at lunch for the very first time”

Mossley Mark 1381- Meeting Notice

At the recent meeting of Mossley Mark Lodge no. 1381, held on 11th November 2019, it was agreed that the next meeting on Monday 13th January 2020 will commence at 11:00 am followed by lunch. At this meeting, we will consider holding all future meetings of Mossley Mark Lodge 1381 at 11:00 am.

We already have 4 brethren likely to join.

Kind regards,

John Pearson