Cheese & Onion, Black & White, Morecambe & Wise.

All combinations that sit comfortably on the tongue, eye and in the memory. 

The Rugby Football Lodge of Mark Master Masons held its latest meeting and installation ceremony on Thursday the 30th May at Rochdale Masonic Hall. The combination of Rugby Football and Mark Masonry is not as immediately recognisable as the above but somehow it works, and it works really well. The Mark Masonry is very much the standard protocol with exceptional ritual and a great membership of Mark Masons whose hobbies and interests also encompass Rugby Football, even the Summons more “Cheese & Onion, Black & White, Morecambe & Wise.”

Roberts TI 24 – Installation

There was rather a good turnout at the recent Roberts TI Mark lodge Installation. Bro Bohdan Lisnyj being the Senior Warden and master elect.Accompanied by a larger than usual Provincial deputation providing full support and a little glamour to the proceedings, but having said that, more “Roberts TI 24 – Installation”