Lodge of Good Report 1309

On Wednesday the 17th of May at Stanley House, Audenshaw, The Mark Lodge Of Good Report No 1309 held their meeting. The Worshipful Master Bro Ray Charlton opened the Lodge at 6:15 pm and welcomed 22 brethren into the Lodge meeting.

In attendance on this occasion was VWBro David H Thompson on his last duty as an APGM, along with the Grand Steward and the Assistant Grand Inner Guard of the Year. Additional deputation members included the Prov Assist Grand Charity Steward and the Prov Sword Bearer.

The next item on the agenda was to invest brethren who were not able to attend the installation meeting which was followed by a talk given by the Worshipful Master in a very proper manner indeed as it informed the brethren about the history of the Mark degree. The Lodge closed at 7:15 pm with a few pictures being taken of the members and visitors.

Onto the social board where we all had a lovely three-course meal and I must say that it was splendid. The banter and laughter at the social was indeed a most memorable experience and enjoyed by us all.

Don’t forget that the Provincial meeting this year is being held at Bolton Town Hall on Wednesday 24th May.
Plus please Book your P S A test which by the way is Free for All Mark & RAM members.

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Wycoller Mark – open night

The Provincial Grand Master has always encouraged Mark Lodges to host an open lodge meeting to attract new members and generate interest in the Mark degree, especially those from Craft lodges within the building. Well, Wycoller Mark 1582 did just that at its meeting on Wednesday the 19th of April.

Initial responses from non-members were very low and it was even suggested that we cancel it. However, a few Craft Lodge meetings later in the month changed all that. The Worshipful Master Ian Salthouse welcomed 10 visitors into Wycoller Lodge, which transformed the meeting more “Wycoller Mark – open night”

F W Broadbent Advancement

On Wednesday the 19th of April at Bolton Masonic Hall, F W Broadbent Mark Lodge No 1132 held its regular meeting. In attendance was the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, WBro David G Rainford PGJD who was accompanied by VWBro David H Thompson, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Secretary WBro Brendan Hart along with 22 brethren from various Mark Lodges to witness an advancement.

The Lodge opened at 6:20 by the Worshipful Master Bro William R Guffogg PProvGSD who welcomed all the brethren to the meeting and thanked them for taking the time to visit the Lodge. A ballot took place for a new joining member Bro Stephen Holland a member of Salford Mark Lodge No 994 which proved unanimously in favour following which the Lodge members made him most welcome.

The workings of the Lodge being underway the Worshipful Master then proceeded with the advancement of Bro John Gannon a member of New Trinity Craft Lodge who completed the ceremony in a truly exceptional manner.

The proceedings of the Lodge being completed it was closed at 7:50. Onto the dining room were 20 brethren sat down to a lovely 3-course meal. The usual raffle took place and the newly advanced brother took on the role of selling the raffle numbers and raised a substantial amount for good causes.

As a working visitor, I must say it was a most memorable and enjoyable evening all round and I would like to wish F W Broadbent Mark Lodge all the best for the future.

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Curry Evening at Bury Masonic Hall

On Saturday 9th September at Bury Masonic Hall the Provincial Grand Charity Steward will host a special Curry evening including live entertainment.
There will be three choices of Curry ie vegetarian, Mild and Hot to choose from including the usual side dishes.
The total cost for the evening is £25.00 per person. Please contact Wbro T Stewart Mills on 07764306095 for further details and all proceeds in aid of the ELMBF charity.

Fixture at Rochdale Masonic Hall

On Thursday 30th March, Rugby Mark Lodge No 1965 held its regular fixture meeting at Rochdale Masonic Hall. Kick-off was on time as the Worshipful Master blew the whistle to start the procedure off in good order.

The Worshipful Master, VWBro J Edmund Barton PGJO welcomed the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro John Hartley Smith along with a strong attendance of the Deputation team into the Lodge and thanked them all for taking time out to attend the meeting. He then offered the gavel to the PGM and on this occasion, he did return it and then proceeded to introduce the Deputation.

The next item on the summons was a talk given by the Worshipful Master about the similarities between Freemasonry and rugby ( sports ) in the sense that both have the same interests in looking after each other. The talk was given from the heart and everybody in the Lodge room was concentrating on the sincere message being put across by the Master.

The business of the Lodge being ended the final whistle was given at around 7:55. Onto the dining room where 30 brethren sat down to a nice 3-course meal and a lovely atmosphere in the room. A raffle took place with three good prizes on the table and raised a substantial amount for good causes.

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First visit to Darwen Masonic Hall

This was my first visit to Darwen Masonic Hall, Hawkshaw Avenue, and I was very impressed with the building with its high arched ceiling constructed of large timber beams as it was an original church building back in the day.

The meeting of Darwen Mark Lodge No 1327 was held on Monday 20th March and was indeed very well attended by 27 brethren. On this occasion, VWBro David H Thompson, APGM, was present along with a deputation team of six, which included the Senior and Junior Wardens of the year and the Grand Steward.

The Lodge was opened by the Worshipful Master Bro Philip Beaumont who thanked the APGM and the deputation team for attending the meeting. The Lodge Junior Warden WBro Chris Dignan was declared the Master Elect for the ensuing year who then thanked the brethren for their confidence. Next on the summons was a paper written by WBro Martin Roche in 2009 and was presented by WBro John Rimmer PAGDC. It was a very interesting and unique paper and was well received by the brethren.

The business of the Lodge being ended a couple of pictures were taken. This was followed by a substantial two-course meal with much chatting and banter in the room, it was indeed a very pleasant meeting

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Long awaited weekend away

Friendship Mark Lodge held their long-awaited weekend away at the Nailcote Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club, Berkswell, Warwickshire from Friday 17th till Sunday 19th March. This event was booked over two years ago and as we all knew, the event could not go ahead due to difficult circumstances until now.

Over 56 brethren and their wives, partners and friends received a very warm welcome from Malcolm and Joan McCarthy on their arrival on Friday afternoon. After all the guests had settled down in their 4-star hotel rooms there were pre-dinner drinks at the bar. Just prior to dinner the guests were entertained by a young Irish dance school that gave a splendid array of Irish dancing followed by a four-course meal served in very splendid surroundings.

Saturday morning we were served a full delicious breakfast. Many people then set off in various directions to visit so many attractions in the surrounding areas, ie Coventry Cathedral, Stratford, Kenilworth Castle etc. The evening was drawing closer and all the guests were dressed in their finery. Men wore black tie, and ladies of course could choose what they desired to wear. At 6 pm we were treated to a Prosecco drink and Canapé reception. This was closely followed by a silver service five-course meal which by all accounts was very pleasing to the palette. The evening was in full swing with an Irish duo who kept everyone entertained with singing and dancing all evening.

Before the evening came to a close there was a lovely speech thanking Malcolm and Joan for all their hard work which went into organising a very successful event given by the Provincial Grand Master John Hartley Smith who presented a bouquet of flowers to Joan. Many of the guests stayed on for an extra night on Sunday evening and in the daytime did more exploring around the countryside. This was the most enjoyable and memorable experience for us all.

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