Mark Grand Appointments

The following Brethren received Grand Honours of First Appointments and Promotion to Acting Rank with effect form the 9th June 2020.

The Brethren receiving Promotions for 2020 will receive their Honours effective form the 8th September.

Appointments 2020   
Grand Steward Stephen J LordKeep 911
Past Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesJohn E GreenF W Broadbent 1132
Past Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesAndrew V GreenhalghRectitude 18
Past Assistant Grand Sword BearerWesley MarchantWhitestone 1080
Assistant Grand Organist (Re-Appointment)Paul G Bowen Stanley 1454
Promotions effective from the 8th September
Past Grand Junior Overseer
Graham ManghamThomas Sharples Barlow1383
Past Grand Junior DeaconDavid L Greenhalgh
Roberts 24
Past Grand Junior DeaconBrendan F Harte Manchester Engineers 1059
Past Grand Junior DeaconHoward S Nuttall Union 32
Past Grand Junior DeaconDavid G RainfordF W Broadbent1132
Past Grand Junior DeaconDennis SchiffManchester Engineers1059